Steam Random Game Lotto – Games Worth Up To £100


Buy 1 key

Current Price: £0.67

(£0.67 Per Key, 0% Discount)



Buy 5 keys

Current Price: £3

(£0.60 Per Key, 10% Discount)



How the Random Game is Chosen:

Once you pay for your key a request is sent to our off-site database. 

The database will then randomly choose a game from the thousands that we have in stock.

It sends you an email containing your random key!

It's that simple!

How many can I buy?

As many as you want! There is no limit on the amount you can buy!

The only thing we say is if you get a duplicate game there is nothing we can do to replace it.

What games are there?

We currently have 250 different titles in our database and around 3000 keys! That's about 12 of each game! We obviously have more of some games than others.

Here is a list of the chances:



GTA V: 0.333% (10 Keys in database)

CS:GO: 0.5% (15 Keys in database)

Garry's Mod: 1% (30 Keys in database)

Sid Miers Civilisation VI: 0.333% (10 Keys in database)

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3: 2% (60 Keys in database)

Other Games Worth £8+: 15% (450 Keys in database)

Other Games Worth £2 to £ 8: 45% (1350 Keys in database)

Other Games £0.67 to £2: 31.5% (945 Keys in database)

Games worth less than the price paid (£0.67): 3.333% (100 Games in database)


That means you have a 96.666% chance of getting a game worth more than you paid! And remember, the more times the play the better you chances!