• Product Description of GTA V

    Grand Theft Auto V (PC), the fifth instalment of the popular Rockstar Games series, once again takes you to the sun-soaked metropolis of Los Santos. Explore the open GTA V map based on Los Angeles and the landscapes of South California. Meet a variety of people from faded celebrities to meth heads and encounter a true society diversity in every corner of the city.

  • Key features

    • Live the gangster life as one of the three criminals – Michael the bank robber, Trevor- the retired army pilot with a mental disorder or Franklin- a guy from the ghetto working for a local Armenian car dealer. The game story is constructed in such way so that you can switch between characters.
    • Tired of the never ending crime spree? Then, take your time to do some yoga or cycle through the countryside. Play tennis, golf or parachute over the city. Roam around Los Santos but beware of the drunkards and other weirdos causing unexpected events.
    • Keep in mind that respect and money are everything in GTA V. You won’t make a pile on stealing cars and petty crime. Instead, you should proceed with some big-deal robberies, recruit helpers and use explosives to make serious bucks.
    • GTA V multiplayer gameplay offers the possibility to play with friends and other players. Create your own character, enter the map previously known from the single player mode and take part in various cooperative or competitive missions. GTA Online content will constantly develop to bring players best gaming experience.

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